South Chiba BBQ

During summer 2015, my counselor invited myself and Anna to her house for a BBQ. It was really south Chiba, and the most of the Japanese countryside I had seen at the time. It took us 3 trains and a car lift, passing a lot of rice fields and forests along the way.

The nearest train station had a litter of cats who we apparently local celebs who lived there, with portraits of them painted around the station!

The streamers we saw on the way represent Koinobori 鯉のぼり, which means “carp streamer” in Japanese. They’re presented every year to celebrate Tangi no sekku 端午の節句 which is a national holiday for children, called you – guessed it,  Children’s Day. You can see them from around April to early May every year. It’s a tradition to pray for children, that they will go up strong and healthy, living a good life.


After the meal we went for a stroll around the area where there were small caves alongside mini waterfalls, it was such a perfect day for it!


We could see wild monkeys in the distance, and were told stories about them running down and stealing the fruit and vegetables that they had grown haha :’) we also came across a family of deer crossing the road! Amazing day and something I’ll never quite experience the same again.


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