Leanne.. Meow..

Got no words for this one. She’s bat shit crazy, in the best possible way. Most nights will end with cat faces drawn on our faces in eyeliner. Oh college :’) She’s friend from uni, who was teaching in Daejeon, in South Korea at the time. She had a surprise 3 days off work so I was just as surprised when I got a message from her that she was coming to stay with me for a few days. I only really saw her on my days off (Sunday & Monday) but it was a memorable one indeed, even if it just resulted in us on the piss* – which of course was going to be the end goal.

Since she had gotten too drunk on Friday night and ‘misplaced’ all of her belongings. We decided to start our adventures easy, with some sushi and before moving onto the heavier stuff, so we went to my counselor’s poetry exhibition in Ichikawa.

One thing about me is, I love drinking. Luckily so does Leanne, so we knew what to expect this weekend. I’d been living in Funabashi a couple of months now, so on Saturday night we gave Leanne the tour of the local bars. We hung out at Aloha (cheap cocktail standing bar) and The Full Circle (rock bar).

The next day we headed to Tokyo and visited my favourite place – Harajukuuuuuu! Did some touristy things and bought some gangsta hats. Went for a boozy stroll around Shinjuku and then to Shibuya for a bop. Making some friends on the way who we did a casual purikura (プリクラ), which is basically a photo booth that you can add cute effects to and it prints them straight away!

[The great thing about Japan is that it’s completely LEGAL to drink on the streets, so it’s a great way to sightsee in a relaxed manner. In other countries this may be seen as impolite, but in Japan it’s totally normal, even if you pass out #drunksalaryman]


The rest was just mindless wandering and having the craic*, until sadly, she had to head back home to South Korea for work later the next day. Meow.


*the piss –  Irish term for going out and getting hammered*
*hammered – another term involving the consumption of alcohol. In this case over-consumption, but in a happy manner.

*craic – Irish term for fun


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