Lets get to know eachother..


Nice to meet you~

My names Sarah and I’m from Dublin, Ireland. I moved to Japan about 2 years ago and I’ve been working as an English language teacher.

OK, lets start with the basics. Why Japan?

  • Anime & Games: Definitely the main reason anyone would travel half way around the world. The classed Otaku (おたく) – anyone who is, lets say, obsessed with any sort of anime/game fandom. For me it was Final Fantasy and Pokemon.
  • Fashion: ever since the ‘scenekid days’, I’ve been obsessed Harajuku and using Japan’s underground fashion trends as inspiration. Hunting down style from various media platforms and making it my own.
  • Ninja’s and Samurai’s: Who isn’t interested in learning about a new culture. Let alone such a vast culture as Japanese??
  • Food: SUSHI, okonomiyaki, macha….the endless




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